Sichtbarkeit schafft Sicherheit Reflektoren Reflektoren für Kinderwagen reflektierendes Material Schutz für Kinderwagen Kinderwagen Buggy Verkehrssicherheit (von Anfang an) Leuchtfolie reflektierende Folie reflektierende Aufkleber Dämmerung Dunkelheit Reflektor- Aufkleber Reflektor- Sticker retroreflektierende Materialien Kinderwagenreflektoren Kinderwagenlicht Licht für Kinderwagen Beleuchtung für Kinderwagen Schulranzennorm DIN EN 58124 Persönliche Schutzkleidung Kategorie 2 DIN EN 13356 Konturmarkierung für Fahrzeuge DIN EN VC 104 ECE vagalume vagalum Winkeldrehung sicher sichtbar unterwegs Kinder- Reflektor verkehrssichere Kinderwagen Kinderwagenzubehör Kinderwagen Zubehör Reflektoren nachrüsten Reflektorset Reflexite Geschwisterwagen Zwillingskinderwagen Kombikinderwagen

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wagalum reflector strips are, simply put, a „very bright idea“, making you and your stroller visible at night, even from great distances.
The self-adhesive reflector strips enable parents to equip every stroller with high quality reflective material. wagalum’s sticker set, with its eight pieces in four different sizes, offers all-round visibility for every push chair.
Thanks to wagalum, you can finally be seen, be safe, be mobile in the dark.

bee seen, be safe, mobile


  • Thanks to its microprismatic surface, wagalum reflects incident light in all directions
  • wagalum reflector strips are highly visible at night, but discreet in daylight
  • Our reflector strips shine nine times brighter than comparable materials
  • With wagalum, your stroller is seen 6 times earlier by other traffic participants


  • All vehicular traffic is illuminated – now, thanks to wagalum reflector strips, your stroller is, too.
  • wagalum helps to prevent accidents: the reflective material reduces the risk of an accident by up to 85% (as shown in studies by the Norwegian traffic safety organisation Trygg Trafikk)
  • wagalum’s reflective material, used by many emergency services for their vehicles and protective clothing for years, meets the highest safety requirements and fulfils all relevant DIN quality standards.
    • The German school bag standard DIN 58124
    • The European standard for protective clothing EN 13356


  • Extra protection under foggy conditions, at dusk and in the dark
  • Easy to apply, always with you, environmentally friendly without any need for batteries, never failing
  • wagalum’s self-adhesive reflector strips do not inhibit the folding mechanism of your stroller in any way
  • Put your baby to sleep wherever you may be – wagalum protects all night owls small and large
Standardised quality


  • In the dark, the driver of an approaching vehicle notices a pedestrian without reflectors at a distance of approx. 30m
  • At a speed of 50km/h, this leaves the driver with only 0.3 seconds to react and prevent an accident
  • Thanks to the extremely high retro-reflectivity of wagalum reflector strips, your stroller will already be seen from a distance of 150 m
  • A driver is given more than 8 seconds to react
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The rotation angle describes the position from which you and your stroller can be seen by the driver of an approaching vehicle.

…without wagalum | A
The driver of an approaching vehicle will only notice you when you are directly in front of the vehicle

…with wagalum | B
Thanks to wagalum’s ability to reflect incident light rays from any angle, the driver of an approaching vehicle is already able to see your stroller on the sidewalk

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With its retro-reflectivity and rotation angle, wagalum reflector strip fulfil all relevant
DIN standards:
  • The German school bag standard DIN EN 58124
  • The standard for protective clothing category 2 DIN EN 13356
  • The standard for compliant vehicle marking EN VC 104 ECE
In order to receive official DIN certification, at least 10% of the surface must be covered with retrorefelctive material. As wagalum can not guarantee this in all cases, our stickers are not officially certified.
However, we use only the best material, which itself meets these highest and very strict standards.

No other material on the market is as powerful:
  • Manufacturers of high-quality school bags use the same material as wagalum
  • wagalum’s rotation angle is greater than required by standard ECE 104 for vehicular traffic
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About us


wagalum UG specializes in the design, development and manufacture of innovative products to make you and your family more visible and therefore safer in traffic at night.
Our reflector strips enable parents to equip every stroller with high quality reflective material, meeting all relevant DIN standards for traffic safety. wagalum’s sticker set, with its eight pieces in four different sizes is simply a “bright idea”, offering all-round visibility for every push chair.



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