I'm thrilled to announce the launch of an all new series on Style: Paw Treks!

Those that travel understand that comfort is often a massive factor when taking a trip, particularly in the event you do lots of standing or walking when you attain your final destination. I personally think that anything that goes on my feet shouldn't only be comfy, it really should look fantastic also (wink wink). This new series will probably be an inside glimpse in the lives of active 'Paw Trekkers - where we go fake montblanc watches , what we see, and how we trek. More than the subsequent handful of weeks, we'll also be following a few of my stops in cities along the east coast as I travel for perform.

Most lately cheap montblanc knockoff , my travels carried me to Washington D.C. to promote a new attraction at an amusement park that's based out of Orlando. (Hint: it involved operating with !) I've been on this unique tour for a few weeks given that they stopped near me in Boston and I've continued with them now in two other cities.

A total newbie towards the D.C. location, I was really excited to determine the historical city. Packed with me have been my Boetis II and Eva boots, and on my very first night, I went out in my Eva's.


Being unfamiliar with all the city, a few us around the marketing team jumped on a metro train considering that it would drop us close towards the Washington Monument which is beautifully lit at evening. We have been shocked to find out that the Monument, breitling replica at the same time because the Lincoln Memorial, had been each almost two miles away. Needless to say, it was a little of a hike for any couple of vacationers not dressed pretty warm.

TREK tip: In case you take the smithsonian metro towards the washington monument or lincoln memorial, expect to stroll for a when!

The excellent news is, we pushed via the icy wind and got to our destinations some time later. The view was great, and luckily, my feet stayed comfy and toasty warm. I was so glad I'd packed my Eva's for this trip!

On the way back, my body was worn out in the travel and walking, so we looked around for any bus. hublot replica watches Whilst performing so, we stumbled upon street bikes for rent, a entirely new knowledge for a country-grown girl. We ended up finding a pair to take back to our hotel and saved a whole lot of time montblanc watch copies . A very sensible decision for finding about D.C. if I do say so myself.


Monday was our final day inside the city (post-trade show) and we decided to hit a couple more areas prior to driving the team back to Boston. We did not have enough time for you to go inside of your Capitol Constructing, but I did manage to grab a photo in the front just before getting back around the road! These boots - Boetis II - are a few of my absolute faves and go with me on practically every trip. We also stopped by the monument once more in the daylight to get a entertaining photo:

And just for kicks, I've to include a photo of one of my new friends from operate this past weekend! (In the event you *really* really like penguins, you will choose to see this completed by a pal of mine on our promo tour.)

Where do you PAW Trek? Inform us in the comments, and adhere to s adventures on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #pawtrekking.

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