A Nepali Army helicopter ferried two containers Friday (11 Jan) from Tulsipur, Dang to Rolpa from exactly where the Maoist party began the armed struggle against Nepali regime a decade ago. Maoist's weapons will be stored inside the containers that were brought to Tulsipur from Birjung through road. Containers were dropped at Maoist's Fifth Division Headquarters in Dahaban. A team of former Gurkha soldiers that was not too long ago hired by the government as per the understanding with Maoist is anticipated to arrive right here currently. Bibek, the co-commander from the division said the course of action of arms management will begin soon after the team arrives. Pics and particulars by Sudarsan Rijal by means of Kantipur

Maioists are all set to join the government fake iwc watches for sale . Now will be the time to cope with JTMM

By Dinesh Wagle

It seems joining a government is far more complicated and requires to several procedures and formalities than launching a revolutionary movement. Take the case of CPN Maoist one example is. cheap replica watches Ten years ago they sent a group to Singha Durbar with a paper containing 40 points of demand. The then prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba didn't meet them and have been barred from entering the country's central administrative premise. They started insurgency attacking police posts in remote Rolpa district as well as other places with handmade guns and lathis.

After the good results from the historic peoples' uprising in April, Maoists are engaged in direct talks using the ruling Seven Party Alliance along with the government and, breitling fake to the relief of Nepali individuals iwc watch imitation , both sides have accomplished a great deal of progress. We saw the lavish signing ceremony for the complete peace agreement, formulation of interim constitution, allocation of seats within the interim parliament etc. Maoists not too long ago produced public their foreign policy and yesterday they disclosed a list of names that may represent their party in the interim legislature. They have claimed that the list is inclusive and represents Nepal just like they have been advocating for. Soon they will announce names for the interim cabinet. Maoists are all set to join the government, historic government I need to say.

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Many persons happen to be saying that Maoists are getting that a lot of seats in the interim legislature with no taking component in democratic elections. Yes but I see no explanation in complaining like that. This is a totally unique situation and this is all taking place to hold probably the most important election (of constituent assembly) inside a number of months.

Bargaining for several positions and numbers are going on and will continue in near future but every person appears satisfied and delighted. There is certainly 1 disappointing element although: Terai Janatantrik Mukti Morcha. The break away faction with the CPN Maoist in Terai area is demanding autonomy for the region and is continuing violent activities. It has called and standard life is disrupted in particular essential regions of Terai like Janakpur. To demand autonomy in Terai region at this point and in this manner is no different from demanding the secession. I see some form of conspiracy against the state of Nepal in TJMM activities. Yes, I agree the state of Nepal must address the issues associated to Terai but all of the Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists must be united to take care of this snake named TJMM.

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